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Ray CPA LLC of San Antonio, TX offers our clients a convenient, dependable and personalized set of comprehensive solutions and services that fulfill all accounting needs, at a price that fits within your budgets.  We offer competitive fixed rates on our payroll and accounting services.

Our accounting department services include:

  •       general ledger,
  •       bank reconciliations,
  •       financial statement compilation,
  •       accounts receivable,
  •       purchasing,
  •       accounts payable,
  •       payroll,
  •       sales tax,
  •       cash management,
  •       revenue management,
  •       inventory management, and
  •       fixed asset management.

As we are providing these accounting services throughout the year, we will constantly be seeking tax saving opportunities through careful planning and advanced tax minimization strategies, such as:

  •       cost segregation,
  •       section 721 and 351 transfers,
  •       NOL carrybacks,
  •       like-kind exchanges,
  •       stock and debt basis considerations,
  •       application of at-risk and passive activity rules,
  •       ordering of distributions, etc.

It is in the area of tax saving opportunities where we have the most experience. Many of our clients save several times their accounting fees in tax savings alone.   

Ray CPA is your trusted adviser for all your financial solutions - payroll, tax, and accounting.

We are certified in QuickBooks.   If your organization has outgrown QuickBooks, Ray CPA also offers a more robust accounting solution. 

Ray CPA LLC has made a significant investment in advanced technology solutions, as evidenced by our principal officer's designation as a Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP). Examples of our investments include secure client portals and cloud based financial management and accounting software. Through the application of our technology solutions, we can help you to gain real-time financial and operational visibility throughout your business.  

Comprehensive financial controls ensure security and compliance.  Extensive automation streamlines your business processes, reduces labor, and saves costs.  Our accounting solutions are value-priced and can be provided for a fixed monthly fee. Several of our clients were able to save thousands of dollars by outsourcing these functions to Ray CPA.

Outsource to Ray CPA

  • By outsourcing non-core functions of your business to Ray CPA, you unleash the potential in your core business, and gain the freedom to focus on your organization’s core competencies while improving flexibility and agility.
  • Outsource your accounting department and/or your finance team to Ray CPA. Financial outsourcing may offer the flexibility and proven reliability your organization needs.
  • Avoid hiring extra permanent employees during seasonal peaks or other high-demand periods.
  • Avoid disruption by using temporary finance and accounting staff when key personnel take leaves of absence.
  • Improve productivity by having your organization focus on higher value tasks, while outsourcing non-core processes and functions.
  • Reduce risk by adding expertise to manage and control your business operations, expansion.
  • Transform your finance organization through applied technology, with best-in-class cloud-based financial software.
  • Improve efficiency through the application of our cloud-based financial software, which will also permit strategic insights into your business, allowing you to steer the growth of your organization.  
  • Real-time reporting and business analytics, powerful automation and integration, superior compliance and auditability, plus unlimited flexibility and scale to evolve with your business, through the applied use of Ray CPA’s financial infrastructure.
  • Generate value by delivering extensive, real-time automation while eliminating manual processes.
  • Drive faster business decisions with deep, real-time visibility into the performance of your organization.
  • Build a financial management foundation with Ray CPA as your reliable strategic partner on whom you can depend on to meet the needs of your business—today and into the future.

Ray CPA’s Outsourced Accounting Services encompasses all of the following scope of financial deliverables:

·       General Ledger

·       Accounts Receivable

·       Cash Management

·       Revenue Management

·       Reporting and Dashboards

·       Multi-Currency Management

·       Global Consolidations

·       Order Management

·       Sales and Use Tax

·       Project Accounting

·       Track your vendors

·       Accounts Payable

·       Purchasing

·       Inventory Management

·      Time and Expense Management